Annual Conference of the IPA 2 mechanism for CSOs

Dear representatives of civil society organizations,

On behalf of the Macedonian Center for European Training (MCET), Eko-svest, Reactor and Zenith, we are pleased to invite you to apply for participation in the conference of IPA 2 mechanism for civil society organizations, which will be held on 15 and 16 September 2016 year in Holiday Inn, Skopje.

The opening session will be addressed by a representative of the Delegation of the European Union, the representative of the Government Bojan Maricic, CEO of MCET Ana Colovic Leshoska, CEO of Eco-consciousness. After the opening session will be followed by five. You will also be selected sectoral representatives.

The second day (09.16.2016) will be divided into five sessions that will include representatives of the Secretariat of the IPA mechanism chosen sector officials, grantees of the first call and invited civil society organizations interested in participating.

During the Conference, will apply the sectoral approach to cooperation in all sectors of IPA 2 (1) Democracy and Governance, (2) Rule of law and fundamental rights, (3) Environment (4) Transport / Energy ( 5) competitiveness and innovation, (6) Social development, (7) Agriculture and Rural development, and will constitute a new sector (8) Regional and territorial cooperation.

Each representative of an organization interested in participating in this event should fill out an application form at the following link:


and no later than 14.09.2016, at 16:00 pm to send by e In the subject line should indicate the name of the sector whose work will participate representative.

It is recommended that any organization can submit one participant. However, if there is a specific reason why you should be selected two participants (eg participation in more than one sector) may register two participants. The organizers reserve the right to make the selection of participants in accordance with the received applications and the capacity of the premises.

If participants are not reported to management in the organization, it will need to have secured a mandate to vote on the proposed candidates in the selection procedure. They will have to submit the original letter for the specified term on behalf of the organization of the event.

For participants who will receive certificates that are selected to participate, a coming out of Skopje is planned coverage of travel expenses in the amount of a return bus ticket.

A detailed program for the first day is available at this link.
A detailed program for the second day is available at this link.

This conference is conducted within the project “IPA 2 mechanism for NGOs” funded by the European Union within the IPA program to support civil society and media in 2014 (IPA CSF Civil Society and Media Programme 2014) call EuropeAid / 136-992 / DD / ACT / MK.