Annual conference of the IPA 2 Mechanism for civil society organizations

The annual conference of the IPA 2 Mechanism for civil society was held on 16th and 17th of May, 2017 in Ohrid. More than 110 civil society organizations representatives attended the two days conference to discuss and propose recommendations for better usage of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Macedonia (IPA II).

The annual conference was organized by Association Zenith, Eko-Svest, Eurothink and Reactor, as an act of strengthening, networking and promoting the IPA 2 Mechanism for Civil Society Organizations, but as well as an act of supporting the participative democracy.

During the introduction session, Ms. Ana Cholovikj Leshoska from Eko-Svest was speaking about the history of IPA 2 Mechanism, while Mr. Aleksandar Kolekeski from Eurothink gave detailed information about the past activities of the project. Ms. Marija Bashevska from Reaktor was talking about the importance of the 9 sectoral analyses that were conducted as part of the IPA 2 Mechanism, and Mr. Aleksandar Nikolov from Association Zenith gave insight on the consultation processes and the principle of partnership.

During the annual conference, Elizabeta Manova from Consumers’ Organization – Kocani was elected for sectoral representative for Sector 8 (Regional and territorial coordination).

The conference gave space to the field experts that produced 9 sectoral analyses and to the 9 CSOs that received grants within the sub-granting schema, to present their findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Grantees from the first sub-granting call, that presented their project results were:  Institute for Democracy „Societas Civilis“, Skopje – Parliament’s role in the process of EU accession (Sector 1 – Democracy and Governance); Transparency Macedonia – Strengthening anti-corruption practices (Sector 2 – Rule of law and fundamental rights); National Council for Gender Equality – Ratification of the Istanbul Convention (Sector 2 – Rule of law and fundamental rights); Association for Protection of Animals and the Environment – EDEN, Skopje – Nature Conservation of NP Galicica (Sector 3 – Environment); Analitika, Gostivar – The situation in the transport and energy sectors (Sector 4 – Transport); Consumers’ Organization of Macedonia – Challenges to competitiveness (Sector 5 – Competitiveness and Innovation); Association for democracy, debate, dialogue, decentralization, Plan 4D, Skopje – The one that knows, affects (Sector 6 – Education, Employment and Social development Social development); Rural coalition, Kumanovo – There is legislation, but no application (Sector 7 – Agriculture and Rural Development); Association of Local Democracy Agencies, Skopje – Civil Society Organizations as basis of cross-border cooperation (Sector 8 – Regional and territorial cooperation).

Experts that conducted sectoral analysis and had a chance to present their findings were: Rozalija Vasilevska, CSO Sfera Nova – Analyses of the public administration reform (Sector 1 – Democracy and good governance); Sonja Damchevska, CSO KOP-CSD – Decentralization and local communities (Sector 1 – Democracy and Governance); Ana Janevska Deleva, Transparency Macedonia – Analysis of law for whispers’ (Sector 2 – Rule of law and fundamental rights); Metodija Sazdov, Macedonian green centre – Analysis of institutional policies to protect nature by declaring protected areas (Sector 3 – Environmental);  Marijana Lonchar, Consumers’ Organization of Macedonia – Sector analysis and strategic documents (Sector 5 – Competitiveness and Innovation ); Andrijana Bogdanovska, Center for Knowledge Management (CKM)  – Policy analysis for development of competitiveness in the private sector (Sector 5 – Competitiveness and Innovation); Biljana Dukovska, Macedonian platform against poverty – Social inclusion policies (Sector 6 –  Education, Employment and Social development); Vasko Hadzievski, ZAEM – Analysis of the implementation of agricultural policy and identifying priorities (Sector 7 – Agriculture and Rural Development); and Marjan Stepanovski, Preda Plus – Analysis of cross-border programs (Sector 8 – Regional and territorial cooperation).

The conference was organized within the project “IPA 2 Mechanism for civil society organizations” funded by the European Union, as part of the IPA Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2014.

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